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Maritime Attitudes Education to Students through Geography Education
Mamat Ruhimat

Geography Education Department
Faculty of Social Science Education
Indonesia University of Education

Geography Education is an application of geography in education field. The material study object is geosphere. One of geosphere component is hydrosphere. Span of marine waters has become an instructional topic of Geography Education for a long time. Geography Education, is not only being a knowledge transformation, but it is also a mode for attitude and skill growth and development that related to the other study objects. Planting nautical attitudes is an absolute demand that can not be ignored in Geography Education. Cultivating practices to not throw away garbage into the ocean, singing the songs about sea, introducing marine resources, visiting fisherman activities, fish auction and nautical tourism is the things that could be planted on students from early age through Geography Education. Place, space, and environment, are the main focus of study of geography. Therefore, Geography Education practice must try hard to bring students closer with their environment. Indonesia is known as one of the largest maritime country in the world, but reality shows that even to fulfil the domestic needs of salt, our country have to import it. Orientation of current development is continously about land area exploitation oriented. Education units, starting from kindergarten, elementary school, junior and senior high school are the right times to planted and growth of positive attitudes towards nautical environment. A strong foundation about nautical values based on the diversity of physical and socio-cultural potential of a region, that has been planted in education units environment, later would be expected to grow future generation who really knows, understands and loves the maritime environment in a wholeness frame of NKRI region. Since an early age, loving the sea and nautical things should be grown so that nautical memories of students will be embedded earlier. However, seeing from current condition, loving the sea still have not grown. Geography Education ideally could act as the main instrument to grow nautical attitudes.

Topic: Geographical Education

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