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Effect of School Environment to Students Spatial Intelligence with Geo-Literacy as Moderation Variable
Faiz Urfan, Darsiharjo, Dede Sugandi

Departemen Pendidikan Geografi
Fakultas Pendidikan Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

School environment has an important role in the success of learning geography for the school environment has an influence on the increase in spatial learners. The effect of the school environment on spatial intelligence moderated by geo-literacy. Geo-literacy strong connection with spatial intelligence, because the element of geographical has a role in increasing individual spatial intelligence. This study aims to (1) analyze the influence of the school environment on spatial intelligence (2) to analyze geo-literacy as a moderating variable in the school environment influences the spatial intelligence. The method of this study is survey method with 264 respondents. Data were analyzed using regression analysis with a moderating variable. Results of this study are (1) the school environment have a significant effect on students’ spatial intelligence. It is based on regression weight = 0,364 and p value = 0,004; (2) the geo-literacy does not significantly influence as a moderating variable. This argue based from X1X2 significance value greater than 0,05 is 0,633. However, as independent variable geo-literacy has regression weight = 0,350 and p value = 0,0017. This study concluded that the school environment significantly influences spatial intelligence and geo-literacy is not as significant as a moderating variable but independent variables that affect spatial intelligence.

Topic: Geographical Education

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