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Developing Teaching Model On Geography Literacy Based Social Studies to Improve 21 Century Skills
Sugiyanto**); Maryani, E***); Ruhimat, M***)

**) Doctoral student at Social Studies Teaching UPI, Homebase at UNS Surakarta;
***) Lecturer on Geography Teaching UPI

Geography education has become core teaching in 21st century skill oriented curriculum as it relates to globalization era and global awareness on prominent environment issues by century 21st. Geographical concepts in geography literacy that includes concepts of interaction, interconnection and its implications helps to understand global issues. Those concepts challenges students to critically and creatively solve problems as parts of skills in century 21st. This research is aimed to gather geography literacy based social science teaching to improve skills century 21st. A survey to 13 junior high schools in Surakarta will be employed.

Survey to social studies teachers in Surakarta in 2017, shows that mostly (92%) do not understand geography literacy and (70%) shows that they do not understand skills century 21st. Discovery-inquiry model and PJBL remain least used. Frequency of using laptop reach by 54% only. Internet as sources of study is used limitedly in learning process. Based on the conditions, a geography literacy social studies learning model to improve skills 21st century is in need to develop and tested to see its ffectiveness.

Topic: Geographical Education

PermaLink: http://igeos.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=152

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