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Internalization of Tolerance Value by Empowering The Environment as Learning Resource Through Islamic Religious Education in Higher Education
Saepul Anwar

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Various issues of intolerance and radicalism can be a serious threat to a country with heterogeneous societies such as Indonesia. Horizontal conflicts between citizens on behalf of religious, ethnic, especially religious understanding are possible. This matter can be avoided through education, including Islamic religious education in universities. This paper seeks to explain how to empower and optimize a heterogeneous environment as a source for understanding diversity and conducting tolerant attitude for students in higher education through lectures, including Islamic Religious Education (IRE). The study was conducted on campus of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia by using descriptive method and qualitative approach. Interviews and participant observations are used to collect data which is then analyzed descriptively

Topic: Gender and Geography, Indigenous Knowledges, Religious and Peoples Rights

PermaLink: http://igeos.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=189

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