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The Role of Geography in Four Years Program (Diploma 4) At Land National Academy in Yogyakarta
Arief Syaifullah, and Bambang Suyudi

Land National Academy, Jalan Tata Bumi 5, Gamping, Sleman Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Land National Academy ( Sekolah Tinggi Pertanahan Nasional) in Yogyakarta is the only higher education belongs to The Ministry of Land Planning/Land National Agency. Recently, as the development increasing, the problems of land are more complicating. The land problem is not a simple. Because of a lot of interests, its problem has some aspects, not only problem of physical, social, administrative, but also juridical. One of the geography content is to study the connection among the physical phenomena and social phenomena, by spatial analysis. It is fit to the nature of land problem that faced by Land National Agency. This article shows the urge of geographical content in educating employees at Land National Agency. The method used is qualitative study, by observing geographical content from curricula of four years program at Land National Academy in Yogyakarta. At the program, research shows that more than 30% the subjects are geographical subjects. Some subjects are pure geographical subjects, others are mixing among geography and other sciences, and the others are non geographical subjects. This is the proof that geography is important for producing the competence employees at Land National Agency.

Topic: Geographical Education

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