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The Mastery Of Essential Geography Concept For Social Studies Teacher Of Yunior High School/Islamic Yunior High School In Jakarta Province
Dwi Sukanti Lestariningsih (a), Enok Maryani (b), Ahmad Yani (b), Nandi (b)

(a) Lecturer of Geography Education, Social Science Faculty of Jakarta State University
Jalan Rawamangun Raya, East Jakarta, Indonesia
(b) Lecturer of postgraduate Geography Education of Indonesian Education University
Jalan Setiabudi no. 229, Bandung, Indonesia

Essential concept is the important concept that it must be knowledge acquired by students, related to the students need and ability on the each level of education. Geography fenomena in geosfer is clasifed as spatial. Social studies in teaching learning process in 2013 curriculum in implementing on teaching and learning process uses tematical or topical approach. Using this approach, the social studies teaching must understand and capable to master the social studies materials that included many social studies concept (geography, economic, sociology and history), so the materials have been taught are interesting and easy to be understood by the students. The problem that has been faced by the teacher in teaching and learning process of social studies the geography teachers do not capable to master yet about the knowledge of geography subject included essential geography concept especially the teachers who do not have the geographics graduated background. The purpose of this research is how far do the social studies teachers capable to master the essential geography concept on yunior high school/Islamic yunior high school in Jakarta Province in implementing 2013 curriculum. Population of the research are the yunior high school teachers the total are 958 teachers. The sample of the research are taken randomly at last 10 precentage, those are 95 teachers. The data have been collectec, can be analyzed by using descriptive quantitative analysis method. The research finding is the capability to master the essential geography concept in social studies that have excellent level are the social studies which have geographics graduated background, and then the teachers were graduated from economics, the third is the histories and the last the teachers who do not capable to master the essential geography concept are graduated from (human resoursces, educational management, civic education and mathematics). The material that had been classified as the difficult one for the social studies teachers who do not have geographics graduated background in order to integrated or combined the essential geography concept material in teaching and learning process using topical and thematic approach. Through the research result, it is suggested to upgrade the social studies teachers through functioned subject science community (MGMP) in order to gain for the same understanding and perception related to essential geography concept material aspecially to whom the teachers which not have geographics graduated background.

Topic: Geographical Education

PermaLink: http://igeos.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=269

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