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Nasrudin, Yasin Yusup, Puguh Karyanto

Program Magister PKLH-Pendidikan Geografi UNS,

School is a place of educational service for the community. The provision of the number of schools should be adjusted to the condition of the number of community needs. In fact today the rate of population growth continues to decline but the growth of new schools is not immediately down. At the level of education on the government make the planning and policy expand and establish a new vocational high school (SMK). On the other hand the community pioneered many new schools of nuances Islamic Terpadu (IT), Program Khusus (PK) and others. The situation has led to increased competition among schools. Competition in spatial perspective is actually fighting for coverage area. This research aims to reveal the dynamics of private high school coverage in the perspective of Lefebvre- theory of production space and tactics according to De Certeau.
The pattern of school relations with the government is still influenced by capitalism. The penetration of distant capitalism, not only capitalizes the physical space but also the "influence" space or coverage area. The expansion of SMK and restriction of SMA is closely related to the interests of capitalism in the field of industrial labor supply. The policy emphasis actually leads to the fate of SMA, especially private SMA. There are two types of private SMA with different fates. First, SMA with a narrow coverage area slowly but herded to close or change to SMK. Second, a private SMA with a large coverage area is conditioned to narrow its influence to the permissible threshold. In the end new spaces are produced by closing private high school coverage of narrow areas and limiting the advancement of private high school coverage areas.
Private schools with wide coverage area (case study of SMA Batik 1 Surakarta) have an interesting dynamics coverage area. Pressure policy is ongoing to make the school must pull in the coverage area. Pulling is apparently dependent on supervisor, not merely a regulation. The pull tactic occurs when regulatory authorities are from the central and provincial levels, stretching out when enforcement or regulatory oversight from the local level. The tactics stem from the ease of approach. Approach to district level regulators is easier than provincial and central. The tactic mode to avoid the regulation is combined with the reasons for compensation as a private school, calculation of BEP school and language reporting hoax.

Topic: Economic and Political Geography

PermaLink: http://igeos.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=277

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