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Biomonitoring study of water catchment area of Cilaja in Ujung Berung, Bandung within year 2013-2017
Hertien Koosbandiah Surtikanti

Departemen Pendidikan Biologi
Program Studi Biologi
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung

Abstract. Water catchment area of Cilaja is located along Giri Mekar and Sindanglaya village, Ujung Berung, Bandung. This river has high values for the people living in that area, to support clean water supply, coffee plantation, agriculture area and fish farming area. Field study is done to monitor water quality due to high variation of human activities. Three location sites (coffe/pinus plantation, agriculture and residential area) were selected. Chemical-physical water were measured and analysed. Bioindicator benthos were collected as well. This study is done between 2013-2017. The results showed that based on the distribution and composition of bioindicator benthos, the three differrent land uses had good water quality within 5 years. People attitudes in environmental aware play an important role in conserving water quality for long period of time.

Topic: Biogeography and Biodiversity

PermaLink: http://igeos.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=71

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