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Implementation of Taba’s Model in Geografi Curriculum

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

The curriculum is part of the discipline of Educational Sciences. Science curriculum is growing rapidly, which was originally defined as the distance that must be taken in a horse race on the Greek era. Until this day the curriculum turned into a lesson plans then changed again according the era. Even in Indonesia are set in the Law of National Education the meaning has changed. Therefore the science curriculum is studied by a number of experts who gave birth to the science curriculum. Science curriculum was developed in the United States, Britain, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. The change is due to this demand by everyone from experts, practitioners and users. Position the curriculum is considered important because it is a tool for education for the nation. In this curriculum there are a number of components which greatly affect the learning process. The development of the science curriculum for the more spacious it will intersect with other like management, psychology, science education and science learning. To Limiting that, then there are a number of barriers that protect it such as psychology, and social Philosophy, curriculum objectives, curriculum content, teaching methods, and evaluation. Thus these limits will coloring in curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation. The science curriculum have the limit by studying the history curriculum, curriculum planning models, models of curriculum implementation, curriculum evaluation models, learning models, learning methods and structure of materials in the curriculum. Implementation of the philosophy curriculum at schools, implementation and differentiation curriculum in social and civic.

Topic: Geographical Education

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