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Learning toward Students’ Reasoning Ability and Geography Learning Motivation (Effective Learning toward Reasoning Ability and Learning Motivation)
Bayu Wijayanto, Mamat Ruhimat, Epon Ningrum

Department of Geography Education, Faculty of Social Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

This research based on the importance of the students reasoning ability should be possessed. One of the learning models are conceptually possible can improve the reasoning ability is the problem based learning model. This research aims to determine the implementation of problem based learning toward students reasoning ability, viewed by students learning motivation on chapter contamination, destruction and risk the environment in class XI Social Senior High School 2 Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Learning motivation of this research is the moderator variable with consideration that motivation is one of the factors that are conceptually influence a learning results. This research is a quasi experimental with factorial design 3x2. The technique of data collection was done with ability reasoning test, motivation questionnaire, and observation of learning. Technique of data analysis using statistical T test and ANOVA with SPSS version 20.0 for windows. The results showed that 1) there are differences in students reasoning ability of students in the class that use and do not use the problem based learning model, 2 there is an increased geography learning motivation significantly after using problem based learning, 3) there was no interaction between the learning motivation toward students reasoning ability.

Topic: Geographical Education

PermaLink: http://igeos.conference.upi.edu/kfz/pages/abstract.php?id=88

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